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Earthmen Productions
Earthmen Productions







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Updated: March 30, 2012

Serial LCD Driver Project




Firmware & Code

Testing & Operation


Note: All pictures that follow are "clickable".  Clicking on them will show you an enlargement!

A lil' history ...
    This serial LCD projects evolved around a pre-programmed PIC designed by Peter H. Anderson of Morgan State University.  Peter has been selling these Serial LCD PICs on Ebay and I just happened to locate and purchased one from him during the Summer of 2005.  Peter sells many variants of this kit, one (LCD#108) that interfaces with the PICs which communicates at 9600 baud.  This PCB I designed is based around Peter's Serial LCD #108 Kit (2400 baud).  This project explains how to build your very own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the #108 kit, which includes the PIC and all other associated components (i.e. resonator, resistors, capacitors, etc...).  You could always breadboard the kit but I thought it would be neat to design a neat compact circuit board that will make LCD interfacing easy (i.e. plug & play).  In the near future, I plan to redesign the board to accommodate both the 2400 and 9600 baud kit version (minor changes needed).  Again, the PCBs shown here are only for Peter's LCD#108 kit.

More information on the #108 Serial LCD kit can be found at

..more coming soon

Design Criteria Summary:

1) Compact circuit board for Peter Anderson's Serial LCD Kit (#108)
2) Utilize all components that came with kit
3) PCB should use mating header such to easily connect to most LCD displays
4) Variable Backlight control

Parts & Tools List ...

1) ...more coming soon

Building Instructions...

...more coming soon



PIC firmware is property of Peter H. Anderson... please contact Peter with any questions/comments therefore can only supports questions/comments regarding the PCB for this project.


Testing and Operation Instructions...

1. TBD

Additional Notes...

Below are a few picture of the LCD#108 PCB...

The PCB shown below was designed such to accommodate both types of LCD headers (either on top or on side).  If the LCD uses a horizontal, top header, you can simply snip off the top portion of the PCB that is used for the side header connection.


Earthmen Productions
Earthmen Productions

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